How it Works

  • Imports a direct feed from Practice Management Systems
  • Configurable rules engine for accurate wRVU calculations, addressing the modifier affect
  • Utilizes a robust dashboard which promotes transparency throughout the organization including the individual providers
  • Cloud-based automated alternative
  • Provides visibility for real-time productivity trending

Contact Us

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Frequently Asked

Below are some common questions when interested in using MDComp in a Health System

No, we use the customer's FTP site or an MD|Comp FTP site to push a daily report from your practice management system. We retrieve that information and process at the end of each day. We never access your practice management system or your electronic health records.

We update the dashboards daily.

Our configurable rules engine is date sensitive. For services performed at the end of a calendar year, but not billed or captured until the beginning of the new calendar year, wRVUs will be calculated on the prior calendar year wRVU rates and rules.

Currently, MD|Comp follows CMS guidelines to calculate wRVUs. If the health system has "house" codes or private-pay or invoiced services, the MD|Comp configurable rules engine can apply the wRVUs assigned by the health system to those special services.

MD|Comp prepares a dashboard for each provider the health system elects to track. We can calculate wRVUs for MDs, DOs, PhDs, NPPs, APs and other providers who are rendering services.